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FibreTech, established in 1985, is a business based on authentic “kiwi” ingenuity and a passion for combining the best of nature’s fibre with innovative non-woven wool technologies.

Peter Sheldon, left the field of accounting in 1985 to take up a greenfields research idea from the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand to develop commercial processing for wool “knops” – small soft clusters of entangled wool fibre that offer superior loft, resilience and insulation.

Peter wanted to work in a field he felt passionate about and to create products that could enhance the way people live. This philosophy of leading edge technologies remains at the heart of FibreTech today, as does the desire to provide a high level of customisation in FibreTech products and services to meet the needs of discerning customers.


Over more than a 20 year period, FibreTech has developed a number of manufacturing processes and products:



  1. First in the world to manufacture knops and modify feather filling equipment for wool knop and wool and down applications
  2. First in New Zealand to commission and modify machinery to undertake the airlay process for wool



  1. Full adult and baby range of high quality, top end bedware for consumer and hospitality markets including duvet, featherbed, pillow, underlay, mattress and fouton



  1. Developed Mammut bi directional quilter for duvet production
  2. Contract make of interior furnishings such as curtains and drapes and bed runners



  1. Adapted bias binding cutting and slitting machinery for various applications



  1. Developed a range of environmental products for the extraction, filtering and mop up of hydrocarbons and heavy metals
  2. Developed system for blow fill insulation of homes
  3. FibreFill technology developed for furniture fill
  4. FibreEffects developed to increase the breadth of aesthetic appeal in the carpet and apparel industries
  5. FibreTech’s innovative range is constantly evolving as consumers needs change. Please contact Peter if you have a specific request or would like to know more about a FibreTech product or service.